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Who is on the ballot in the next election? What did candidates promise in the last election? How to register to vote? Who are my elected officials? How can I contact my elected officials? ...and more

Voting and Election Information

Voting is a right and a responsibility of citizens in a democracy. The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts empowers Massachusetts voters with comprehensive information about voting, elections and candidates to help all citizens participate fully. Please visit the Voting and Election Information section of the website at for access to voting information including the following:

-Who can register to vote.
-How to register to vote.
-Absentee ballots.
-Election Day.
-Election calendar.
-Being a poll worker.

Register to Vote

Are you registered to vote? Do you want to change your party, your address, your name?

For voter registration and polling information call the Town Clerk's office: in Hamilton (978) 468-5570, and in Wenham (978) 468-5520.

Hamilton and Wenham Town Meetings and Elections

Hamilton Annual Town Meeting and Wenham Annual Town Meeting will be held April 1, 2017. Town elections are Thursday, April 6, 2017.

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